Spas, cold brews, amazon, and weekly flowers for my home are my JAM! I absolutely love each of these things and they make me extremely HAPPY! During the onset of the pandemic when everything was closed, I started creating my own experiences at home. I’ve had Benihana, Sushi and my own rendition of the “Sugar Factory” Night. And then there are moments when I wanted to create a spa night. However, my bathroom was not up to par for me to create that scenario. Our home is 108 years old and when we acquired it, many things we had to upgrade. One in particular in which we held off for years was our bathroom. It was old and made up of pink tile and pink cast iron bath tub. SOOOO DATED!! Take a look at the pics below. 








Randomly, my husband said , “We’re getting the bathroom remodeled” I was so EXCITED!!!! “Really?’ I replied. 

“Yes, let’s get a few quotes and then we can get started from there,” he said.

And so we did. I already had in my head how I wanted my bathroom to be. I wanted it to be classy with texture and clean lines. O, and it had to be grey and white with shiplap above the sinks.

One thing that I didn’t mention that I absolutely love, is “Shopping” at least so I thought. Maybe I should be more specific, I enjoy shopping for clothes. Because, shopping for tile, and a vanity was so daunting. Hubby and I went to several tile places (at least 6 places in one day to be exact) and I finally found what I was seeking. See below



Low key, I enjoy interior designing and my fav store is Home Goods, LOL!!! But I hate when I can’t find exactly what I want immediately. Lol!  Of course, prior to shopping, demolition had to be done. My husband and the contractors worked religiously over the course of three days to only discover that our bathroom was made up of concrete. This was tuff!!! But they got the job done!!  Take a look at the before pics. 

Now, take a look at the after pics below. I’m so in love with my “sanctuary” I’m in here for hours at a time as I’m a total bath lover and yes, my baths are a production. It’s no wonder that I created Scentsational Soaps. The entire remodel took a month long. Not bad at all. During that time I took showers in our other bathroom. Not my fav but I had to clean my butt! Now, I'm back to my baths. But this time with my cute bath tray, a diffuser filled with essential oils, my bath pillow, soft music candles and wine. I've been living my best life in here while creating my own spa experience!!! 

I cannot end without giving HUGE shout out to my husband, George and Victor for EVERYTHING!!! For making my dreams come to life. I'm FOREVER GRATEFUL!!! 



Rocks – Amazon – Home Goods

Wall Sayings – Amazon

Vanity –

Tile – Floor & Décor

Paint – Home Depot

Mirror Cabinet – Ikea

White Shelves – Target

Tub – Home Depot

Custom Mirror – L..A. Mirror Man

Wireless Diffuser - Amazon Dispenser - Target 

Napkin Holder - Bed, Bath & Beyond 

Touch Free Soap Dispenser -

Bath Tray (not shown)

Bath Pillow (not shown)

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