The Reset.........

The Reset.........

Happy New Year!!! With only 2 weeks in, how are you feeling these days? I'm both excited and nervous. Nervous as I'm doing some new things this year that are pretty scary!!! But it's necessary.....But before I can embrace the change, I needed to declutter my studio here in Los Angeles. My new motto, "If I haven't looked at it nor touched it in over a year, It's trash!" I need good energy and clarity as I embark upon this NEW YEAR. I want fresh ideas, new relationships that are aligned with my ultimate goals and a fluid faucet of HAPPINESS! No blockage nor distractions. So to start off on a clean slate, I needed to throw away the trash! 

When was the last time you threw away your trash and I'm not only talking about the trash in your kitchen or home. I'm talking about those things that no longer serve you to include people! Clean out your phone, stop answering calls from people whom are stuck in the same place since year before last, and lastly, stop allowing people to take advantage of you! These things are draining and exhausting! Throw that relationship away! 

As I placed the trash outside of my studio, I began to think about everything that's within my life, as well as those I left behind in 2022 PURPOSELY. I challenge you to clean house and reset your life. Remember, you can re-create yourself at any time and start fresh. And if you need help in this department with your space to include your home or office, check out the #1 Celebrity organizer on the planet

(I made that up, but to me she really is) 

Instagram: @naturalbornorganizers (Tanisha Lyons - Porter) 

Remember, you don't have to do things along. 

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