Learning how to Love Yourself Through Self-Care

Learning how to Love Yourself Through Self-Care

For over 13-years, Scentsational Soaps has been providing people with self-care products. From our line of delicately handcrafted soaps to body sprays, lotions, and candles, we create every product with the intention of bringing a little bit more love into your day.


Traditional, mass-produced products are typically packed with chemicals, artificial fragrances and colors, and can be downright bad for your body. Here at Scentsational Soaps, we create each and every product by hand so that you can know what you are putting on your body and can create an experience that is wholly about self-care and love.


Embracing your natural self

Embracing yourself and your body can be a tough journey. Many men and women struggle with body image, self-confidence, and self-worth. Scentscational Soaps were created to remind people that their natural beauty is just perfect, and they deserve to treat themselves with kindness through the use of luxurious body products.


Scentsational Soaps embraces natural beauty through the use of all-natural ingredients. The things that we put into our products are all things that can be found right there in nature, which is a beautiful reminder than everything we need is already available to us – we just have to learn how to use it!


Loving your natural self

There’s no correct way to love yourself – it’s all about doing what feels really good to you! At Scentsational Soaps we believe that one of the best ways to love yourself is to treat your body well. Here are some of our favorite ways to show some self-love:


  1. Taking a long, hot bath and lighting a deliciously-scented candle.
  2. Exfoliating with a sugar scrub to rid the body of dead skin cells and then moisturizing with body butter
  3. Buying ourselves little presents to show ourselves that we care
  4. Speaking to ourselves with kindness
  5. Spending time with our friends, family, and loved ones.


Let’s talk about item #4 for a moment.


There is a philosophy out there that goes a little something like this: “If you wouldn’t speak to someone you love that way, why would you speak to yourself that way?”


A big part about practicing self-love is treating yourself the way that you would treat someone you love. When you want to show someone that you love them, you buy them the things the like, encourage them, show them compassion and patience. There’s absolutely no reason that you can’t do that for yourself, too!


As with any relationship, the road gets rocky sometimes. It’s understandable to have days where loving yourself is hard to do, but the important thing is to always keep practicing little methods of self-love, even on the days when your mind doesn’t want to follow. You are always deserving of love.


As a small, woman-owned and family-oriented business, Scentscational Soaps is here to support all people on their journey to self-love. Love is the very thing that always keeps us goLearnig

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