Behind the Brand.....There is a Story!

Behind the Brand.....There is a Story!

I remember being married while running a business and in school with two young children, 2 years apart and sacrificing my entire life for each of them . So much so that celebrating me felt like guilt.  I felt unworthy, as my children were my world. But, my world, my life was dying inside. From the hustle and bustle of my day to day schedule, coupled with the extra-curricular activities that each of my children were participants of, along with the need to maintain my relationship with my husband. I began to feel overwhelmed.  My love for dressing in cute fashionable clothes sooned turned into grey sweats and an oversized white T-shirt. The housework was endless and spending time with my husband was far and few in between. I was failing at “motherhood” Before I knew it depression began to seep in. I lost Faith, Hope and Joy but most importantly, I lost myself!! 

Tapping into  my emotions was something I wasn’t taught but rather ridiculed when growing up.  Being strong was all I knew until one day I came face to face with my weakness. It was during this time  where I saw my strength. Creativity had always been a passion of mine, but I had set it aside because I was in “Mommy Mode” and felt I was robbing my children of their time. At least so I thought. After taking a few soap classes and researching essential oils and fragrances,I started Scentsational Soaps. Scentsational Soaps saved my life and revived me from existing to living. I’ve freed myself from thinking that I don’t deserve the finer things to KNOWING  that I deserve ALL THE THINGS. It has allowed me to slow down and breathe, while inhaling unique fragrances that encourages self appreciation, adoration and love. My children are now older, and they have been watching me from afar. I’m grateful to have taken the time to invest in myself and learn more about self discovery. It has allowed me to transfer my knowledge to my children, while allowing them to understand that life is an endless process of self discovery. 

Scentsational Soaps has also allowed me to add a little razzle dazzle within my marriage by way of our men’s collection that promotes sensual and bold fragrances for the confident man. My sweats and oversized T-shirts are now a thing of the past. Whereas, cute, sexy and fashionable clothing are now my jam.  My business is a daily reminder  that I must continue to climax to my  best life ever. I deserve it & so do YOU!!!! 

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